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New Year, New Bathroom Bill

January 13, 2017

Happy New Year! Glad to see the end of 2016, but 2017 will be a doozy. Especially with so many anti-LGBT people in the incoming administration and a conservative-leaning House and Senate. Frankly, I’m a bit nervous, but I’m also confident that lawmakers who care about all Americans will make sure everyone’s rights are protected.

But the issue that’s in front of Mara and me right now is the proposed Texas bathroom bill (SB6). We’re going to see Mara’s dad in Dallas for his birthday in a couple of months, and that city has a law prohibiting such discrimination. That’s good. But SB6 would put the kibosh on that and other municipal laws in the state. Not so good. If the bill becomes state law, I don’t know when it will take effect, but we would need to be careful when we visit Mara’s dad. She has very feminine features; the vast majority of people can’t tell she’s trans. But every once in awhile, she gets clocked.

SB-6, which is nearly identical to HB2, the bathroom bill North Carolina passed before it’s governor was voted out of office last year, has a loophole designed to prevent the NCAA and other major organizations from yanking their events out of the state (or not considering the state to host their events in the first place): a provision that basically exempts them from the law at sites where (and when) they hold their events. Big whoop. I hope the NCAA et al. sees through this thinly veiled attempt to dodge the economic consequences that plagued North Carolina while discriminating against transgender people.


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