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Dec. 15, 2016: A Sign of the Times

December 16, 2016

Mara and I saw this sign in the window of our favorite ice cream shop last week. It wasn’t there before the election, so we’re pretty sure it’s a response to all the hate that has boiled over since Trump was elected. I’ve been reading about (and seeing videos of) people of different races, ethnicities and sexual orientations being verbally and physically assaulted since Nov. 8. And it’s comforting to know that there are businesses — and individuals — who are standing up for the rights of everyone. It’s truly a sign of the times.

That said, Thanksgiving at my nephew’s place was another situation where he and his girlfriend took a stand for us, and for their own beliefs. And the day was as good as it could have been, from our perspective. Only three unaccepting people on my family were there. Most of the 27 people who came were from my nephew’s girlfriend’s family; and they either knew about Mara and accepted who she is or didn’t know and didn’t care. A few people from my family who accept Mara were there, too.

So, the unaccepting family members were far outnumbered and kept their comments and opinions about Mara to themselves. No snide remarks; no mis-gendering. They didn’t say hello to Mara, either; just ignored her. And that pissed my nephew off. But I explained to him the next day that it was the best they could do and that, as long as they didn’t create drama, I was happy.

One woman whom we were introduced to as the host’s aunts asked us if we’re sisters. I said no, we’re married; I’m the aunt and Mara is the aunt-in-law. And left it at that. I just didn’t want to explain the whole situation. And it really didn’t matter. The woman was totally accepting. That’s all that mattered.

So today is Mara’s re-birthday. It’s been exactly 4 years since she transitioned (woke up presenting as Mara and never presented as male again). Happy birthday my love! I gladly take a stand for you every day. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: I seriously lucked out in the relationship department.



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  1. slowry2000 permalink

    So impressed with Mimi and Mara. Thought you would enjoy reading Mimi’s latest blog post…


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