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Oct. 13, 2016:  Happy Birthday Mara!

October 13, 2016

Happy birthday to my best friend and soul mate, Mara Wells! Every day is a celebration with her. Tonight we’re going out to dinner, but we’re celebrating on and off throughout the month.

Last Saturday we went to the Annenberg space for Photography to see an exhibit called “Identity: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders The List Portraits.” It features portraits of accomplished people who are members of marginalized societal “classes,” five of which are represented in the exhibit: African-American, Latino, women, gay/lesbian, and the latest installment, transgender. It was really a great representation, because it included portraits not only of well-known people, like Janet Mock and Caitlyn Jenner, but also of lesser-known but equally accomplished activists, artists, authors and others from different walks of life, as well as brief descriptions of them and a short video featuring one person from each group.

There’s also some interactive stuff, like this “portrait” of Mara and me. I posted it on Facebook and it got 130 likes — most of them within 24 hours — plus more than two dozen comments, all positive. (Not to mention the likes Mara got when she reposted it.) Mara’s best birthday gift this year. And a wonderful gift to me, too.

Final thought for today’s blog post: If you live in the Los Angeles area or plan to visit within the next four months, the exhibit is a well-spent morning or afternoon. It’s free, and parking in the underground garage is $1 with validation from the museum. Honestly, if there was an admission fee, we would have gladly paid it.


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