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April 6, 2016: This Bathroom Bill has ‘Gotta Go’

April 7, 2016

I love this video that was posted on, because it demonstrates how ridiculous the new North Carolina bathroom bill is. (It’s actually an anti-LGBT bill that also bans anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation.) The video also mentions other states that have passed (or tried to pass) laws making it mandatory for transgenders who “gotta go” to use public restrooms that correspond to the gender they were assigned at birth. The laws’ proponents keep saying they are meant to protect people, specifically women and children, from sexual predators, when there is no evidence of any trans person accessing a public restroom to do anything other than use the toilet.

Thankfully, the LGBT community has allies. Not just individuals and civil rights groups, which are suing states that pass bathroom bills and other discriminatory legislation, but allies that have the power to really hit them where it counts: in their coffers. The lawsuits will definitely help, and I say the more the better. But when a big company like Pay Pal reconsiders setting up shop in a state, which would deprive that state of millions of dollars in economic investment, because of an anti-LGBT law (as reported in the New York Times)…ouch! Pay Pal is also one of more than 100 businesses that sent a letter to North Carolina’s governor objecting to the new law.

Another article, this one in The Advocate, reports how Wells Fargo is supporting diversity by lighting up its tower in Charlotte in the official transgender colors on the International Day of Transgender Visibility — which, by the way was March 31, just eight days after North Carolina’s governor signed the bill into law.

So it looks like there are lots of folks who agree that this bathroom bill has “gotta go.”



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