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March 17, 2016: Inclusion

March 18, 2016

Another win for Mara and me: Inclusion. An invitation for my nephew’s bride-to-be’s wedding shower came in the mail yesterday, addressed to both of us. (I cut off the personal information in the photo to protect the privacy of the bride and the shower hosts.)

I know we were invited to two showers a few months ago — by friends who completely accept Mara in her true gender. But this one is special because it’s family. My family. Which includes several people who don’t accept Mara. My nephew and his fiancé accept her, but my immediate family does not. I don’t know if other female family members are going, except my sister (the groom’s mother, who has at least met Mara). And I’m not going to ask them.

I know that showers perpetuate gender stereotypes, since they’re usually female-only (although some showers are open to couples). But this sort of thing is a blessing for Mara. As a transgender who has lived most of her life as male, she was excluded from participating in activities and events that society has deemed female.




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