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Jan. 27, 2016: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

January 28, 2016

It seems that the march toward transgender rights and acceptance is taking two steps forward, one step back, at least in the U.S. We hear about victories (bathroom bills being defeated, parents supporting their trans kids) and defeats (other bathroom bills being introduced, trans people being murdered or committing suicide). Sometimes it’s slow-going, but it’s progress.

These are huge issues, but even the small experiences count on a personal level. At the gym the other day, Mara thought she heard a ciswoman in the locker room whisper “hombre” to another ciswoman, referring to Mara. I don’t remember much of my high-school Spanish, but I know what “hombre” means.

Then, when I was on the phone with my mom this week, telling her how Mara and I are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary (no equivocating), she said, “20 years, right?” It’s actually 19, but I was pleasantly surprised that my mom, who once said she doesn’t consider us married anymore, acknowledged how many years we were celebrating as a married couple. It wasn’t exactly a sign of acceptance toward Mara, but hey, I’ll take it.




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