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Aug. 17, 2015: Job Justice

August 17, 2015

Good Bloomberg Business article about being trans in the workplace. The trans community has made some significant leaps in terms of job justice, but there’s still a way to go. Last December, the U.S. Attorney General said Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which protects employees from sex discrimination, now includes gender identity. Big leap. It doesn’t put an end to trans-discrimination in the workplace, but that trans people who are on the receiving end of that discrimination should have an easier time seeking legal remedy based on the Civil Rights Act.

At some point, though, the AG’s interpretation of the Act will likely be challenged. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the case ends up in the Supreme Court. Another scenario: If the next administration is conservative, the incoming AG could reverse that interpretation.

I’m glad there are employers out there like the dog grooming shop in the article and like company where Mara works — employers who are sensitive to transgender employees and create an atmosphere of acceptance. And I’m glad that major publications are addressing transgender issues and bringing them to light. It’s all about education. People who gain knowledge about the trans community are more likely to understand it. But unfortunately, there will always be people who don’t bother to learn about it, deciding instead to remain willfully ignorant.






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