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July 14, 2015: Labels

July 14, 2015

I saw this Women In the World/New York Times article about a film called “Boy Meets Girl,” so Mara and I found the movie via one of the on-demand media services (Netflix, I think) and watched it. It’s a very cute, yet thought-provoking, romantic comedy. It blurs the boundaries of gender and sexual orientation through the story of a young transwoman (played by a Michelle Hendley, a trans actress).

I hear all kinds of opinions from people about gender identity and sexual orientation, not the least of which are erroneous statements that arise from conflating the two. But some people think that, when a person transitions, that person should be attracted to, and romantically involved with, people of the now-opposite gender,  or they are gay. (When we came out to my family, my mother feared that I would become a lesbian after Mara transitioned.)

First of all, there is nothing to “fear” about lesbians or gay men. People are people. Period. But some people who are religious, fear that those in the LGBTQ community will be damned to hell, and that anyone who accepts them for who they are will be damned, too. Second, while I understand that labels are very useful in describing the world around us, they also can cause confusion and, worse, stereotypes and prejudice. And many people like to keep labels to a minimum. Life is easier that way. So, you’re either a male or a female, straight or gay/lesbian. It’s harder to accept that there is a continuum. My relationship with Mara is not straight or gay. If it must have a label, call it a trans relationship.

The film delves into the whole trans relationship thing. Without giving the story away, the main character explores different types of relationships. Does that mean she’s bisexual? Who knows? More importantly, who cares?




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  1. We watched this a few weeks ago. I thought it was very nicely done!

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