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June 23, 2015: Facebook Frenzy

June 24, 2015

A Facebook friend posted this opinion piece from There are a lot of things the author writes that are refutable, but it all comes down to his headline, because he has no idea what being trans means. Even Mara acknowledges that, although she is a woman, she is not a ciswoman; she is a transwoman. And biology goes way beyond exterior anatomy. I could go on, but the gist of it is that saying a transwoman is an insult to women is to categorize all women neatly into one stereotype. What about women with androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS)? What about intersex people who identify as female?

The post drew several comments, including one from someone who said being trans is wrong and compared it with identifying as another species. (I’ve heard that argument from other people. We’re not talking species here, we’re talking gender.) Another comment said Jenner is “lost,” as if being trans has anything to do with one’s faith. I also commented with a link to a medical article that describes being trans as a complex biological condition, citing medical research.

The person who posted the column asked if anyone knows someone who is trans. She seemed to be open to learning more about transgenders, rather than taking the word of an uninformed writer who knows nothing about them. So I sent her a message telling her about Mara and giving her the link to this blog. I also told Mara about the posts; she friended my Facebook friend and was open to corresponding with her about what it means to be trans.

Does this friend now accept transgenders (beyond accepting Mara’s friend request)? I don’t know. But I have a lot of respect for her, because she bothered to learn more about the trans community and to have a respectful dialogue with a transperson instead of making a rash judgment.





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    i very much enjoy reading your posts.

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