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April 21, 2015: Gotta Run

April 22, 2015

Mara and I ran our second 10k on Sunday. I ran it in 1:10:29, and Mara was about a minute behind me. Not bad for a middle-aged woman who just started training for 10 runs about three months ago. Here we are before the race. It’s so nice to have a spouse/soul mate/BFF who shares my passions.

Meanwhile, my sister is visiting from out of state with a friend. She’s staying at my mom’s house and wants to get together with me. She made a few suggestions that involve other family members on the weekend (like brunch after the 10k). I told her that just won’t work, since Mara isn’t welcome to participate in anything with the immediate family. And although my sister has no problem with the LGBT community, she said she’s “not into the Mara thing.” So we’re going to get together for breakfast or lunch during the week, when Mara is at work.

She asked if the fact that my immediate family doesn’t accept Mara bothers me. Honestly, it doesn’t. It used to, a lot. But I’ve accepted that they will never accept her. So now it’s merely an inconvenience, and I just need work around getting together with family members sans Mara. And if that doesn’t work out, then we’ll just get together another time.


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  1. You two look so happy! I’m sorry your family is not more understanding. I haven’t come out to my side of the family about my spouse’s transition yet… I expect most of them to be supportive, but not necessarily all of them. It is interesting to read about how it has turned out for other people – thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comment, Ariadne! So far it’s been quite a journey. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to accept that not everyone will be accepting, even if it’s close family members.

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