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April 12, 2015: Stepping up, Speaking Up

April 13, 2015

As the trans-rights movement continues to gain momentum, I‘m reading more and more articles and columns written by trans people. Some of these articles are about personal experiences; some are educational, like those that dispel myths about the trans community or clarify terminology; some present compelling arguments in response to transphobic laws and potential laws.

This post on a blog called Lesbians and Feminists Against Transphobia makes an excellent point about the debate around trans people using public facilities that match their gender identities and the concern that they are somehow a threat to cisgender people using those facilities. The thought that a trans person who just needs to pee is any more of a threat than a registered sex offender is pretty astounding.

Whatever the topic, I’m glad that people in the trans community are stepping up and speaking up for their rights. It’s unfortunate that the most fundamental of those rights — the right to even exist — is behind just about every transphobic comment, action and law/proposed law. Yet, all of the articles I’ve seen by trans people have taken the high road: Instead of slinging mud back, they articulately explain the reality of being trans and use facts, logic and common sense to respond.









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  1. georgiakevin permalink

    Your post is spot on!

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