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March 30, 2015: Bathroom Bills

March 31, 2015

The story of the woman in Midland, Michigan, whose gym membership was revoked at Planet Fitness (See my post on March 10, “Trending in Michigan”) has really sparked a fury. And other controversies about trans people using public facilities have come to the surface since then. Like this one in Florida, as reported by the Miami New Times. Texas is considering a similar bill, according to the Huffington Post. And The Advocate reports that, in Canada and Minnesota, trans people have launched social media campaigns with selfies in bathrooms of the genders that match their birth genders to show how ridiculous some of those bills and amendments are.

The most interesting part of this controversy is that some trans people (mainly some of those who have fully transitioned and have had all the surgeries and hormone treatments) agree with some of these laws. Their arguments include statements that trans people who do not fall within the “medical model” and/or who are not “passable” should stay out of the facilities they identify with. It’s causing quite a stir in the trans community.

I know trans people who are 100% passable but who have not had the surgery. Among other reasons, many just can’t afford it. And I know trans people who are not very passable who have had bottom surgery and are on HRT. Mara was passable way before transition. When she was still presenting as male at work and in other situations where people didn’t know that she was trans, she always used the women’s restroom when she cross-dressed. No one ever noticed.




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