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March 16, 2015: So Many Combinations

March 17, 2015

I found this article on and felt it was worth posting. Another type of relationship; another perspective. The male author thought being attracted to transwomen was a fetish. He questioned his sexuality and even his masculinity, until he came across the words” trans-attraction” and “trans-orientation.”

That’s me, even though I’m also oriented toward cisgender men. When Mara and I came out, some people asked me if I was becoming a lesbian. (No, because I’ve never been attracted to  cisgender women.) I’ve met ciswomen who were in relationships with transmen; and I know a couple that consists of a transman and a cisgender man; and I know two transwomen who are in a relationship.

So many combinations. This turns the whole idea of sexual orientation on its head — or at least expands it beyond hetero, homo and bi. Even though sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same thing, there is a correlation. And even though I feel that labels tend to pigeonhole people, they can also describe potentially confusing phenomena succinctly. So I don’t mind being labeled “trans-attracted” or “trans-oriented.”


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