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Feb. 24, 2015: The Long-Overdue Conversation

February 25, 2015

The long-overdue conversation has begun.

It used to be that trans people went stealth after transition and just tried to blend in. Some still would rather do that. But there are so many who are outed or, for some reason, can’t go stealth. And there’s still a lot of bullying and violence toward trans people. With a few exceptions, then, the trans community has largely stayed in the closet, until recently. Now the door has burst open.

Awareness is the key, which is why those with high profiles, like Janet Mock and Zoey Tur (formerly TV helicopter journalist Bob Tur, who is now a special correspondent for “Inside Edition”), are using their positions to expand that awareness. Zoey and other high-profile transwomen, like fashion model and Gender Proud founder Geena Rocero, have been interviewed on CNN about Bruce Jenner’s transition and other transgender issues.





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