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Jan. 26, 2015: Birthday Greetings

January 27, 2015

I had a great birthday yesterday. I wanted to have dinner with a few friends at a local restaurant, and the party grew to 25 people (including Mara and me). We have a truly diverse group of friends (straight, gay, trans, black, white, Asian, Latino and on and on). We’re so fortunate.

Here are a few of them at a table with us. I’ve known some of them since college — and before. Others, whom we’ve known for just about a year and a half, were also there. Everyone accepts Mara and me as a couple.

BTW, if you live in Los Angeles, or plan to visit, the restaurant, The Village Idiot on Melrose Ave., is a really good gastropub.

I also got many Happy Birthday posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Some included really nice sentiments, but this one, an incredible affirmation of my relationship with Mara from someone I went to Alemany High School with, really touched me:

“Your bravery in being who you are and not pretending to be something else has inspired so many Alemanians, and I am in awe of how utterly beautiful you are, inside and out. Happy Birthday!”


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  1. georgiakevin permalink

    Happy Happy Birthday (belated). Why should we celebrate our birthdays just for 1 day?

  2. Good point! It should be a month-long celebration.

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