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Jan. 12, 2015: Media Victories

January 13, 2015

Big media victories for the trans community: “Transparent” won the Golden Globe award last night for best comedy TV series, after only one season; and Jeffrey Tambor, a veteran actor, was named best actor in a comedy TV series for his role as Mort/Maura in “Transparent.”

Both Tambor and Jill Soloway, the show’s creator, gave great acceptance speeches. Tambor dedicated his award to the trans community, and Soloway dedicated hers to Leelah, the transgender teen who killed herself earlier this month (see my Jan. 5 post, “No Mistakes.”).

Congratulations and thanks to both of them and to Amazon for running the show. It probably would not have aired 10, or even five, years ago. There’s still an element of risk, with trans people still on the receiving end of ridicule, discrimination and even violence. But the series — and the awards — are testaments to how far we’ve come in the awareness and acceptance of transgenders.

Then, our friend Zoey Tur, who was the subject of a Los Angeles Magazine feature this month, appeared on Good Day LA this morning with Ed Leibowitz, who wrote the piece. Another win for the trans community. And kudos to Zoey for correcting co-host Steve Edwards on his use of pronouns. (It was kind of funny watching Edwards back-pedal.)

Nice way to start 2015.

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