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Jan. 9, 2015: Holidays 2014 — Part Two

January 9, 2015

Some of my best memories of this past holiday season are from the in-between days, when Mara and I met with some of my extended family members whom we don’t see very often.

A couple of days after Christmas, we had lunch with our niece Jessica and grandniece Isabella, who were visiting from Idaho. They were staying with my sister and brother-in-law (Jessica’s parents) in San Diego and met us halfway in Dana Point. They were in California just one week and had a pretty full schedule, so Mara and I were grateful that they traveled by car through post-holiday traffic for more than 90 minutes to spend time with us. We had a great time. (How could we not, with a bright, playful, rambunctious 7-year-old?)

A few days later, we had dinner in Santa Clarita with our grandnephew John, grandniece Brigitte and her fiancée Aaron. We hadn’t seen them in years. The last time we saw one another, John was shorter than me. Now, he’s taller than me and goes to UC Berkeley. (John and Brigitte’s brother James lives in Louisiana and was not here for the holidays, but I hope we reconnect with him soon.) This was the first time they met Mara in person (we’re all Facebook friends) since well before her transition, and it seemed as though she had been Mara all along.

In addition, we went to a party at the home of Jake, a young transman, and his partner Eric. We’ve known them for about a year, and when we present our two-woman show (which we hope will be within the first half of this year), the proceeds will go to TUFF (Trans United with Family and Friends), a nonprofit that Jake founded that raises money to provide financial assistance toward transition costs for trans people. (In fact, Jake is trying to raise the money for a booth at this year’s LA Pride event in June. Visit TUFF’s website to find out how you can help make that happen.)



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