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Jan. 5, 2015: No Mistakes

January 5, 2015

My next blog was going to be the second of two parts about the holidays, but this is too important. By now, most of you probably have heard about the suicide death of Leelah, a trans teen whose parents could not accept her gender identity. Here’s the story from

I can’t say enough about how heartbreaking this is. And about how un-Christ-like her Christian parents are by not even trying to understand her plight. “God doesn’t make mistakes,” they are quoted as telling her. I agree, because transgenders are not mistakes. Nobody is.

Now, here’s a speech, posted on, by another Christian parent who did try to understand her trans child. In fact, she researched the topic, and then she allowed her child to transition. (I posted this link awhile back, but the way Leelah’s parents reacted to, and handled, her gender identity declaration is in such stark contrast to how this woman handled her situation that it bears re-posting):

Here’s another one about a mother who allowed her child to be who she is, from

In this animated story, the child asks her mother to “fix this mistake.” That doesn’t mean she is a mistake. And in time, I hope this little girl understands that there was no mistake, that everyone has challenges, and that being trans is her challenge. And it’s only a challenge because of an agreement in our society that being trans is not “normal.”\

Writer Dorothy Parker said it succinctly: “Heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common.” That can be applied to anything that’s considered “normal” just because it’s common — like being a ciswoman or cisman.

One more quote (I love this) from Whoopi Goldberg: “Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine.”


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  1. georgiakevin permalink

    What a beautiful wonderful post! My heart is going out to Leelah so much. Her female paren is an evil awful person.

  2. georgiakevin permalink

    There are not enough beautiful people like you in the world and not enough wonderful parents.

  3. georgiakevin permalink

    i am friends with 3 beautiful Moms on fb who love their children unconditionally supporting them every step of the way.

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