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Oct. 22, 2014: Transensitive

October 23, 2014

So we finished watching the first season of “Transparent.” Mara and I feel that the show is sensitive to the transgender community. It pretty accurately depicts what it’s like for many who transition after living as a male for — in the lead character’s case — 60 years. There are also flashbacks showing how she met other transwomen and found ways to cross-dress in the years before transitioning. That’s what it was like for Mara, only she was younger and, for the past 20 years, I’ve been along on her journey.

Of course, after 60 years of living as a male and transitioning without any facial feminization surgery or hormone therapy, the lead character looks like a guy in drag. Other transwomen in the series have been living full-time as female for a while and have been on hormones and/or had FFS, and it shows. If I didn’t know they were trans, I wouldn’t have guessed.

In short, the show expresses a fairly wide range of presentation for transwomen who are in various stages of life, from those who simply cross-dress to those who have been fully transitioned for years. Mara started living full-time as a woman just under two years ago, and she is still transitioning, although she’s pretty far along. It doesn’t just happen overnight. And for the lead character in “Transparent,” it’s just the beginning.

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