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Oct. 5, 2014: PDA at Disneyland

October 6, 2014

PDA_DisneyCalifAdv_100414Mara and I love PDA (public displays of affection), like holding hands or standing in a queue with her arms wrapped around me from behind. But we never did it when she was presenting as female (except in Hollywood, West Hollywood and other places where gays and lesbians are welcome — or at least not given the stink-eye by someone). And now that Mara is living as a woman full-time, we hardly ever do it at all.

We also love Disneyland/Disney California Adventure. But PDA there has been non-existent for us since the transition — except for yesterday. We went during Anaheim Gay Days, and there were plenty of gay men and lesbians at the parks, holding hands, hugging and putting their arms around each other’s waists. It was so nice to be able to have PDA there. Even the straight people didn’t bat an eye. So we had to take this photo and post it on Facebook.

We went with friends of ours who are also trans, or in a trans relationship. Maybe they should change the name of the event to LGBT Days.


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  1. Lovely! I went with my little boys and rejoiced their chance to see the goodness of love in its many forms. 🙂

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