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Sept. 25, 2014: What is ‘Normal,’ Anyway?

September 25, 2014

I’m seeing more and more transpeople go high-profile these days. The latest is Padmini Prakash, who is a broadcast news anchor in India. India! A country where transpeople are relegated to one of the lowest castes. Here’s the story from The Times of India:

I love it when things like this happen. It shows that transpeople are, well, people. And (surprise surprise) they are intelligent and talented and they contribute to society, just like cis-people.

As an a licensed architect, Mara has been responsible for many buildings being built and renovated, including a military aircraft control tower, major office buildings, recording studios, and Pauley Pavilion at UCLA. She’s one of the most talented harmonica players around; she has been married for nearly 18 years to one lucky woman; and together we own a house in Los Angeles and a condo in Park City. Yet there are people who would dismiss all of her accomplishments because she’s not “normal.”

What is “normal,” anyway?


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