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Sept. 5, 2014: What Stereotypes?

September 5, 2014

We had a pool/grilling party with a few of our trans friends last weekend. One of the best parties we’ve had. Great company, great food, great conversation.

A stereotype that a lot of cis-gender people, especially those who don’t know any transpeople, have about transwomen is appearance. Because of how transwomen have been portrayed in the media — as guys with “manly” features in drag, wearing grass skirts and coconut shell bras (Laverne Cox notwithstanding) — cis-gender people see transwomen as unattractive and even ridiculous-looking.

That said, look at the women in this photo. It’s kind of hard to tell which one is the only cis-gender woman. That’s me in the purple swimsuit, second from the right. Everyone else is a transwoman. And not everyone has had FFS (facial feminization surgery).

It’s also a widely accepted notion that older transwomen, especially, look like guys in drag. And the casting of Jeffrey Tambor in the new TV series “Transparent,” about a guy with grown kids who transitions, amplifies that idea. But everyone in this photo is in her 40s or 50s, and some of them have grown kids.

Stereotypes? What stereotypes?



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