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August 27, 2014: To Your Health

August 27, 2014

Good news about health coverage for transpeople, as reported by

Here’s the rub, though. I mentioned in an earlier post (July 1, 2014) that a friend had her gender reaffirming surgery in Thailand. She had tried to get her insurer to cover the surgery in the U.S. (where it’s much more expensive). But the insurer refused, even though she lives in California, where it has been illegal to decline coverage of this type of surgery for awhile. So she took the insurer to court and won her case. But the fine for not providing coverage was nominal, so the insurer took the hit and paid the fine.

Sounds like the insurer for the woman in this article is trying to wriggle out of it, too:

Although it’s the clause about covering “pre-existing conditions” that allows for providing transgender healthcare, this article in shows that people still want to remain ignorant about trans issues, calling it a “mental problem” and “lifestyle choice,” despite medical evidence to the contrary:




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