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June 16, 2014: Gender Gallery

June 17, 2014

A friend of ours emailed me this link from the Huffington Post: As a photographer, she felt the photos of trans and genderqueer people in this gallery, “Others: Gender,” are very well done. I agree; they are really good — not just in terms of technical aspects like composition and lighting, but also the overall mood, the emotions of the subjects, and the rawness (pardon the pun; you’ll get it when you see the pics). These are people who, like Mara, are striving to be reconciled with their bodies.

I also like the Q&A article, especially photographer Brian Reda’s explanation of the most glaring misconception of trans people: that they are “in between,” since they don’t fit into the gender binary. The reality is that there is no binary. It’s a spectrum. It always has been, and it always will be.


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  1. I do think that the quality and emotions of the photos were good… I do have one problem, though. This is the second nude published photo project I’ve seen recently, and I feel like it feeds into cis overcuriosity about our bodies. If it was for a trans audience only, I’d love it–but it feels weird when it’s for cis people too.

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