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June 2, 2014: More Rights for Transpeople

June 2, 2014

Here are a couple of articles about municipalities around the country striking down what I call legal discrimination toward transpeople. The first, from LGTBQ Nation, is about Houston’s new equal-rights ordinance, although the focus is on the protestors to that ordinance:


The second, which appeared in the Gay Star News, is about two disc jockeys who focused their radio show one morning on Rochester’s new policy to offer transgender-related health benefits to city employees who are trans:


I applaud the radio station for firing the deejays. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right, but in this case, the deejays were representatives of the radio station, and the top brass of that station has the final say in what it broadcasts. Or maybe it’s the station’s policy to not use its broadcasts for pushing bigotry, which is even better. Obviously, the whether or not it agrees with the new city policy, the station found that the deejays stepped over the line. Way over the line.






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