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May 11, 2014: Lip Service

May 12, 2014

The military is again giving lip service to the prospect of allowing transmen and transwomen to serve openly. Here’s the New York Times story:


Transpeople are still considered “sexual deviants” with paraphilia by the military, even though the DSM-5 reclassified “gender identity disorder” as “gender dysphoria” and says it is not a form of paraphilia. Here’s the explanation (scroll to page 14):


I think the time will come when transpeople can serve openly in the military. But it will happen slowly, like it’s been happening slowly in schools and other jurisdictions.


On another note, congratulations to Michael Sam for being drafted into the St. Louis Rams! College football, and now pro football, is finally acknowledging that it doesn’t matter whether you’re gay or straight; what matters is how good a player you are. Period.


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