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April 17, 2014: Gender Proud

April 18, 2014

The Transgender Leadership Summit (sponsored by the Transgender Law Center: that Mara and I went to last weekend had some really good seminars. We went to one about branding yourself. The speakers, who were from an L.A. ad agency that practices acceptance and diversity, focused on selling yourself in the job market and crafting a good resume. But a lot of the attendees had questions and comments that were centered on being trans. For example, if you’ve transitioned since your last job but want to live stealth, what do you tell your prospective employer if they want to check references at your old job? There was also some discussion about job discrimination, which can happen anywhere, even in states with legal protections.

Another seminar was about how transpeople are portrayed in the media. According to some studies, more often than not in films and on TV, a transperson is portrayed as the villain, the victim of a horrific crime, a sex worker, or any combination of the above. And in many films and TV shows, the “hero,” someone with whom audiences empathize with and admire, says something disparaging about a character who is trans.


No wonder people who are cisgender have negative opinions about transpeople. The media feeds them all this misinformation, and then so many transpeople go stealth.


There’s one young transwoman who is out to change that. She has launched an organization called Gender Proud, which “envisions a world where transgender individuals are able to self-identify with the fewest possible barriers,” according to a article:




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