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March 27, 2014: Legendary

March 27, 2014

Mara and I went to Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood last night to play Legendary Bingo for TUFF (Trans United with Family and Friends), a non-profit that exists to help trans people with the transition process, whether it’s getting surgery, hormones, or whatever. TUFF was founded by Jake, a young transman we met a few months ago. The group of trans people we meet with for dinner every month or two also went. We had just met for dinner a week ago, and Jake mentioned that TUFF was going to be the beneficiary of Legendary Bingo on March 26. That was all he needed to say. Everyone showed up.


I’m seeing that kind of support everywhere. And I can’t help but wonder if the phenomenon that’s motivating people to openly show their support for the LGBT community (why now, and why has there been such strong momentum in the past couple of years?) is the very vocal anti-LGBT rhetoric of the Tea Party and other ultra-conservatives, like the late Fred Phelps. There can be no light without darkness.


It’s happening all over the world. Uganda is the latest of several African countries that have passed laws making it a crime to be gay. LGBT citizens of those countries can be imprisoned if they are found to have engaged in gay sexual activity. And this morning, I read an article in the L.A. Times saying that other African countries, not to mention high-profile individuals there, are stepping up and calling for an end to those laws:,0,542698.story#axzz2xC4o2PGc.


Now, that’s legendary.


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