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March 25, 2014: Trans Teacher

March 25, 2014

I ran across this article on the Huffington Post’s website: A teacher in California transitioned, and many of her family members and friends have shunned her. Some parents of the kids she teaches have pulled their kids out of school.

I feel that, no matter what people try to do to “shield” their kids from transgenders, they won’t be able to escape the fact that transpeople are part of our society. They always have been; and now, more and more transpeople are coming out of the closet and being in integrity with who they are. And with more transpeople taking a stand for themselves, more allies taking a stand for the trans community, and more legal protections for transpeople, the more visible they will be in society.

And here’s a follow-up article from

I am really touched by the notes of support this teacher has received from her students. It’s interesting that (at least from what the article says) her students are supporting her transition, while the people who are calling for her resignation and saying that what she is doing is morally wrong are adults, including parents of those students.



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