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March 22, 2014: His Tactics Backfired

March 23, 2014

I read a U.S. News editorial gives a different perspective on Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church — the congregation of mostly his relatives, who are known for picketing at funerals, particularly at funerals of fallen military personnel, to show their hatred of the LGBT community — who died last week. It says that, basically, his tactics backfired. Here’s the article:

This is one of a few articles and blogs with this perspective. A blog I read the other day said that, before he started staging his demonstrations, people generally didn’t pay as much attention to the hatred and discrimination shown to the LGBT community, and therefore, not many people took a stand against it. But when Phelps and his family started making headlines with their demonstrations and won a Supreme Court freedom of speech case that allowed them to continue, people took notice; and more people started showing their support to the LGBT community. Allies spoke out.

I think that the hatred that was demonstrated might even have been the motivation behind laws being passed to protect the rights of the LGBT community. To that end, then, thank you Fred Phelps.


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