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March 15, 2014: “Dames In the Dungeon”

March 18, 2014


Mara and I had our portrait taken a few weeks ago. But it wasn’t just any portrait. Johanna Siegmann, a photographer with a very different, creative perspective (see her gallery at had this idea to dress us in regal, Marie-Antoinette-like costumes, which we rented from Adele’s of Hollywood ( It’s a fabulous place. They have everything!

She was looking for a setting, and I suggested she check out Abbey San Encino ( in Highland Park. It was built about a century ago, and one of the grandsons of the original owner lives there with his wife. Parts of the house, including the chapel (with real pews and a pipe organ) have been used by film and TV crews shooting on location. In fact, a segment of a current Geico commercial (“Did you know there really is an oldest trick in the book?”) was shot in the chapel.

But what really captured Johanna’s imagination was the dungeon. After seeing the photos, she came up with a theme for our portrait: “Dames In the Dungeon.” And this photo is the result.

(Sorry it’s off center; WordPress cut off a slice of the photo on the right side to make it fit the allotted space.)


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