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March 8, 2014: “You Love the Soul”

March 9, 2014

I got back from Alaska yesterday. I finally told the other P.R. rep and the last of the three other journalists about Mara. We were altogether and the subject of husbands and significant others came up. When I told the one P.R. rep that I hadn’t said anything at lunch the other day because I didn’t want to freak her boyfriend out, she just laughed. Everyone laughed, including me. She said he would have been totally OK with it.

I showed everyone Mara’s “before” and “after” photos, as well as a photo of us together on New Year’s Eve. People are always impressed when I show them Mara’s photo.

The person who really got it the most was a fellow journalist from L.A. When I said that I don’t identify as a lesbian, even though I still love Mara, the journalist said, “You love the soul.”




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