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Feb. 27, 2014: Another Victory for LGBT Community

February 27, 2014

Yesterday, the governor of Arizona vetoed a state bill that would have allowed businesses to deny services to people in the LGBT community if those businesses based their denials on religious beliefs. Lots of people (including the two conservative state legislators who wrote the bill and former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney) advised her to veto it, as did corporations like Apple and Delta air Lines and, or course, LGBT rights groups. Here’s the CNN story:

This is a relief, because several other states were considering similar bills, including Hawaii, which recently enacted legislation allowing gay marriage, and Oregon, a blue state. But what’s more of a relief is that people are championing rights not just for gays, lesbians and bisexuals, but for trans people. I used to be on the fence about whether transgender should be grouped with the other three, simply because transgender, especially when it pertains to transsexuals (as opposed to cross-dressers, etc.), is about gender identity, while the others are about sexual orientation. But I’m glad they’re grouped together for political reasons. The gay and lesbian community is well ahead of the trans community in terms of their political voice, and the trans community benefits from that.


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