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Jan. 3, 2014: What We Can’t Do in Public

January 3, 2014

When we were at my niece and her husband’s house in Maryland, they had some friends over, who asked us about our relationship. One of the downfalls of being a trans-couple in this day and age, we told them, is that we can’t do PDA (public displays of affection) in most public places, lest we get the stink-eye from someone. It’s happened, even as more laws protecting the LGBT community are taking effect. We love to do the hug-from-behind while we’re waiting in line for a movie, for example. But we wait until we are in our seats and the lights go down before we even hold hands.

One of my niece’s friends wanted a photo of us showing PDA, and here’s what we sent her. I call this photo (which was taken in our living room on New Year’s Eve) “What We Can’t Do in Public.”

But hey, maybe it would be a good resolution for 2014 to forget what other people think and show as much PDA as we want. The times are definitely changing, especially in California. And if a gay couple can get married on a parade float on national TV during the Rose Parade, a trans couple can hug or hold hands in a movie line.



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