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Dec. 24, 2013: “Gary…I Mean Mara”

December 24, 2013

Last time we visited my in-laws, in the first part of November, Mara’s dad used her old name a few times and she let him know it was OK. After that, he used her female name almost exclusively. On this visit, when he addresses her, he calls her “Gary…I mean Mara.” She and I know it’s hard when a parent raises a child as one gender, and that child starts living as the other gender. And the fact that he’s even trying to use her legal name is great.

What was really great, though, was that Mara’s brother, who once told her that he could never call her by her female name,  used Mara every time he addressed her while he was here – and even before we all got here, when they spoke on the phone.

Happy holidays to all!


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