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Dec. 4, 2013: The Call That Said It All

December 5, 2013

Yesterday, Mara took an unsolicited call from a headhunting firm asking her if she would be interested in a senior partner position at an architectural company that specializes in sports practice (designs and builds sports arenas, stadiums, etc.). I guess word really got around that she did a good job as project architect for the renovation and expansion of Pauley Pavilion. But what really was cool was that they asked for Mara, not that guy she once was.

Despite the fact that more women are becoming architects, it’s still a male-dominated profession, especially when it comes to sports practices. Yet the headhunter felt Mara would be a good fit for a top position (a senior partner position would be a major promotion) at a sports practice firm; and, as far as we know, the headhunter didn’t know that Mara is trans.

Mara turned the recruiter down, partly because the job is in a different city, where we aren’t interested in living. But she has been noticing how differently some people regard her as a woman in her field, as if she’s not quite as competent as males; and yesterday’s call said it all: that she’s valued for her experience and expertise, not her gender.



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