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Nov. 14, 2013: Mom to Mom Communication

November 15, 2013

We’re back from Florida. Our mothers finally talked on the phone while we were there. Mara’s mom is the one who reached out. Not that they were mad at each other or were holding any kind of a grudge. And that’s the strange part. They’ve always liked each other. But after we came out to my mom, she cut off all communication with Mara’s mom, because, she said, she was afraid of what she might say to her about Mara. And Mara’s mom wouldn’t call because, she said, she didn’t know if my mom was ready to talk to her.

So when Mara’s mom asked me to get my mom on the phone, I called her on my cell phone, handed it to my mother-in-law, and went into another room to watch TV with Mara. I figured that what they needed to say to each other, and whether they talked about Mara and me, was their business. I was just happy to facilitate the re-opening of their communication with each other.


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