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Oct. 7, 2013: What’s Cooking

October 8, 2013

 Mara and I went to a cooking class yesterday. A trans friend whom we met at the Southern Comfort conference told us about it; her wife runs it and teaches it. Our friend was there, although she was presenting as male, because her wife is not comfortable with the fact that she’s trans. Like most married trans women, our friend didn’t tell her wife until they were many years into their marriage.

I wonder if she told her wife that Mara and I are a trans couple. Many people have an image of trans people as flamboyant “trannies,” who look like parade floats and make their living in the sex trade. Mara is a perfect example of a transwoman who has an education, is a licensed professional, has a stable marriage of nearly 17 years, and looks like a very attractive, well-dressed (not over-dressed) woman.


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