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Oct. 4, 2013: Doing the Write Thing

October 5, 2013

I wrote more of the script this week for Mara and my two-woman show, after several weeks of not writing. I’m such a procrastinator, and I procrastinate because of fear. What if I’m not good enough? What if the show is a flop? What if no one comes to see it?

But so far, everyone I’ve told about it thinks it’s a great idea. And we have help: We met our friend that we met at the Southern Comfort conference and who has worked in the entertainment industry for years, for drinks this week; and she had some suggestions on how to present the story. We also have a good director in a friend who is an actor and has also directed live shows. And just about everyone we’ve told said they would come and see it, including a former co-worker and friend from Chicago, who said she’d fly to L.A. just to see it. So I guess I have nothing to fear, really. And if it does flop? It won’t.

I have lots of time to write this weekend. I tend to procrastinate by doing other things that “need to be done”: errands, little chores and just general puttering around. But I can’t do that for a few days, because I had a little accident in the kitchen — an encounter with a bottle of barbecue sauce that fell from a cabinet. The sauce lost the battle but inflicted some damage on its way down; and I now have six stitches on the top of my right foot, closing up a pretty gruesome gash. I’ll live, but I have to stay off the foot for a few days. No errands. No chores. No puttering. No working out. Just writing.


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