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Sept. 30, 2013: Here Come the Holidays

October 1, 2013

! realized that my niece who lives in Idaho may be alone for Thanksgiving. Her ex-husband has their 6-year-old daughter for Thanksgiving weekend, and she has no money to get to Southern California to be with family. So I called her and suggested that Mara and I pay for (or at least pitch in to pay for) an airline ticket for her to come to L.A. I called her mother (my sister), who said she and her husband are going to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving, and she would love for her daughter to come down, but they had already spent an enormous amount of money helping her through her divorce and getting set up on her own.

What this means is that Mara and I would be paying for my niece to come to L.A., but we probably wouldn’t see her — at least not on Thanksgiving Day, since Mara is not welcome in my mom’s house. I told my niece that maybe we’d see her the day after Thanksgiving; and she can stay with us if she wants. What’s important is that she is not alone on Thanksgiving Day. That’s our commitment. We’re now just waiting to hear from her whether she needs to work the day after Thanksgiving; that would make of this all moot. Or maybe Mara and I will fly to Idaho.

Meanwhile, my niece and her husband from Baltimore called, saying that my niece and her family from Georgia will be visiting them at the same time Mara and I are there, just after Christmas. They are excited to have us there, and we are stoked to be seeing all of them. Mara is welcome there.


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