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Sept. 9, 2013: Southern Comforted

September 10, 2013

Great conference! We got back from the Southern Comfort transgender conference yesterday. Mara and I went all out for the gala. We had our photo taken, and, as soon as it’s posted on the photographer’s website, I’ll be able to upload it to this blog. It will be the first photo I post.

The seminars were good, too, but my favorite part was a support group of wives and girlfriends of transwomen. This is where we got to talk about issues surrounding our unique relationships. This year, there was also a support group for trans couples, and Mara and I both loved being able to meet kindred spirits and share our thoughts and feelings in such a safe and nonjudgmental environment.

I also got to deliver my stand-up routine. The hotel hosts an open-mic, and when I found out about it, I brushed up on my monologue about Mara and me and signed up, right after the gala. The audience was mostly other conference attendees, so they got the jokes on a whole other level than other audience members did.

Today is my first day back in my home office since I left my full-time job. I’m looking for work that’s flexible, although I would take a full-time job if it’s the “right one.” It has to be a win-win. Any job does. The field is wide open at this point: editorial, public relations, even travel retailing (as in travel agency).

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to continue writing my part of Mara and my two-woman show about our relationship, which we hope to present by next spring. At the conference, we met a couple of people from L.A. who are interested in working with us on the show. They both work in the entertainment business. The show is to raise awareness about the transgender community from the perspective of both a transwoman and a transwife.


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