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Aug. 14, 2013: A Step Forward for California

August 15, 2013

Governor Brown of California finally signed a state bill into law that protects transgender kids in public schools. Los Angeles and San Francisco already have similar laws in place, but this bill is state-wide. Basically, any transgender kid in a California public school must be allowed to participate in sports and other programs that are geared toward the gender that the child identifies with. In addition, that kid must be allowed to use facilities (e.g., bathrooms) that are intended for the gender that the child identifies with.

Opponents argue that this law violates the privacy of cis-kids (those who identify with the gender they are born with, according to their genitalia). They say the law opens the door for kids who want to sexually harass others (e.g., someone born with a penis who uses the girls’ bathroom and locker room for prurient interests). But L.A. and San Francisco haven’t had any problems in that regard. Besides, what cis-boy would want to dress as a girl and go through all that trouble (telling parents and school officials and seeing a counselor, not to mention being ridiculed by school mates) just to cop a feel? Really?


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