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July 29, 2013: Gonna Glam

July 29, 2013

We want to go to Southern Comfort (a trans conference in Atlanta) this year. Last time we were there was two years ago, before Mara had her facial feminization surgery. We were on the fence about this year, until we went to the Nordstrom sale last weekend, and I checked out an evening gown. I was really looking for a gown for Mara, in case we went to the conference, which has a gala dinner. But I found a gorgeous, simple black gown that looks great on me. Hey, what could I do? It was on sale! So we’re definitely going to SoCo. And we’re glamming!

Since I work from home, I’m used to slumming it when it comes to dressing — jeans or shorts with a casual top; flip flops during summer and bedroom slippers during winter. And no make-up. I was even running on errands like that (well, not in slippers). But Mara is relishing in her femininity so much that I’m starting to care more about my appearance. I still dress down when I’m at home, but if I go out, or if we have guests, I gussy up. And it feels good.


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