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July 11, 2013: The Monologue

July 12, 2013

I volunteered to do a monologue for my acting class two nights ago. I have a few from plays and films that I could have dug up, but I decided to write a “personal monologue” — a story about some aspect of my life or some event in my life, from my own, personal point of view. I wrote about my relationship with Mara — how we met and fell in love, her transition, and coming out to people and their reactions, from funny reactions of friends to the hostile reactions of some of my family members.

I wrote a two-page monologue in about an hour. The words just flowed through my hands to the keyboard and onto the computer document. I did it a few hours before class and had it largely memorized before I presented it, because I already knew the story. I just had to remember the order of the different sub-stories.

When I read it aloud to myself, I cried. And when I delivered it, I could hear a few classmates sniffle from crying; and I even teared up a couple of times. When I was done, the teacher gave me really good feedback. The purpose of a personal monologue is to deliver something that comes from your heart, so that the audience really gets you, and then use that experience when delivering lines in scripts written by other people. I nailed the first part. The teacher even said I could eventually expand the monologue into a one-woman show. He’s not the first person to suggest that.

But the best compliment was when he told me it was a very well-written piece. It had peaks and valleys, humorous and deadly serious moments, and a beginning, middle and end. I’ve read that, when you’re doing something you love, it comes easy and you do it well. That was the case with this monologue. And yes, I am going to expand it into something — maybe a one-woman show, maybe a full pay script. The working title is “Mara and Me.”


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