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May 29, 2013: Up In the Air

May 29, 2013

We spoke with one of my nieces the other day. She is visiting from Georgia with her family for two months and got here last weekend. They stay with her in-laws when they come out (almost every summer), but before they get here, we usually have a date set to spend some time with them. It didn’t happen this time. We’re still up in the air about it. When we talked on the phone a few days ago, she was really iffy and said they have a lot of people to see. It almost sounded as if she would be squeezing us into their schedule. We have been the most flexible with our schedule, and she acknowledged that, so I hope we can work something out.

We know she loves us, and her kids are eager to see us. So I can’t help but wonder if some of my family members have had some sort of influence over her. I know some of them don’t want her kids (or any of my nieces’ and nephews’ kids for that matter) to be around Mara. And they have been very adamant about it. So far, though, all of our grandnieces and grandnephews have met Mara, except the ones who are visiting L.A. now.

I’m trying to be optimistic. Last night, I texted my niece’s daughter to say we can’t wait to see them. She texted back saying she can’t wait to see us, either; and then she called to say that she is going to bed but can talk on the phone today. So I’ll call her.

I spoke with Mara about the prospect of not being able to see them while they’re here, and she said that, if we don’t see them, we’ll go to Georgia later this year and visit them.


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