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May 20, 2013: Mara’s First Cruise

May 21, 2013

Mara went on her first cruise last week. In fact, it was the first time we traveled together on a media trip. It was a “cruise to nowhere” — a short (in this case, two-night) cruise with media and travel agents invited. We sailed out of Seattle and back. I was allowed to bring a guest, and I brought Mara. She was so excited! She had accompanied me on cruises and other trips several times as a man, but she really got to step out this time.

She met the P.R. reps from the cruise line, and it was no problem. I had already told them about her before the cruise, so there were no surprises. But a former colleague from a publication I used to work for was there, and she brought another former colleague (who no longer works there) as her guest. So we did what we call a “guerrilla” coming out with them. And they were totally OK about it. One had vaguely remembered meeting my husband several years ago. Now, they want to come and see the stand-up comedy show I’m performing in.

Another travel writer whom I came out to at a media dinner a few months ago (Mara wasn’t with me) was also on the cruise. We crossed paths a few times, and he always says hello. But he didn’t stop to chat on this cruise. Maybe he was just too busy or had his mind on other things. But I suspect that he was avoiding us. He did seem a little uncomfortable when I told him about Mara, and he might have not been ready to meet her. Although most people we have told are accepting, we accept that not everyone is comfortable. Some people just need time. Others will never accept. And that’s OK.


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