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May 5, 2013: The Continuum

May 6, 2013

I read about a transsexual in Maine and saw snippets of a TV “magazine” show interviewing her, her wife and one of her two sons. It was really empowering. The family is staying together. The transwoman talked about a continuum. Everything’s not black or white, gay or straight, etc. We all live along a continuum in a multitude of gray areas.

Some people have asked me if I was now a lesbian. I don’t say yes or no; I just tell them that I still like men. But how can that be, if I’m married to someone who has become a woman? See where this is going? People love labels, and even some of my gay friends feel the need to categorize me. If people want to label me, maybe they would be comfortable if I said I was bi. And that’s OK. But I know that I’m just me, living along a stretch of that continuum that most people have not seen or experienced — or they just hadn’t realized it.



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