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May 3, 2013: My Last Big Coming-Out Hurdle

May 3, 2013

I finally was able to tell my boss about Mara. We were both at a conference this week, but he wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t see much of him. On the last morning, I got an email from him saying he was sorry we didn’t get a chance to connect. “There still is,” I thought. I replied, saying that I wasn’t leaving for the airport until later that morning. So we met during the trade show, and I told him. The company’s V.P. of sales was there, so I told both of them. I figure everyone in the company will find out sooner or later.

My boss already knew, so he wasn’t surprised. (Turns out the person who told me he knew is the person who told him.) But I was able to give him a few more details and answer questions. The sales V.P. was surprised, but he was also very understanding and asked some questions. (He asked my favorite question: How does this affect our relationship? I love to tell people how happy we are together.)

I showed them Mara’s photo. I wanted to make sure my boss knew that, when I take her as a guest on a media trip (like the cruise to nowhere we’re going on this month), no one would know that she was once a he, unless they knew her before she became a she. My boss had no problem with any of what I told him and even brushed off my concern about her passability.

That was my last big coming-out hurdle — unless I need to come out to a future employer or we buy another property.

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