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April 28, 2013: What Happens in Vegas…

April 29, 2013

I’m in Las Vegas for a conference. My boss will be here, and I made a commitment to tell him about Mara when I see him. It’s kind of hard to pin him down at these events, but my goal is to get him alone for a few minutes. I mentioned before that a mutual friend had told me awhile back that my boss knows; someone already told him. But I want to let him know myself and be available in case he has any questions. He’s even harder to reach by phone; he prefers email. So my best bet is to chase him down for a face-to-face conversation. He telecommutes from in New York, and I telecommute from L.A., so it’s not like I can just knock on his office door or invite him to lunch.

The president of the company also will be there, but I don’t communicate with him very often; I work mainly with my immediate boss, who reports to the president. (It’s a small company.) So I’ll let my boss tell him if he wants. What if the only time I can get a face-to-face with my boss is when he is with the company president? I guess I’ll tell them both, then.


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