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April 21, 2013: Staying In Touch

April 21, 2013

My niece’s 12-year-old daughter had the lead in a school play, and unfortunately, we couldn’t see it because they live in Georgia. But my niece took out an ad in the show program and sent an email to everyone in her family inviting us to send some words of congratulations, and she would make sure those messages got into the program. So I sent one from myself and Mara.

We would stay in touch with loved ones anyway; but the fact that it’s post-transition, and that our loved ones who are accepting are also staying in touch with us, is pretty special. My niece and her family are spending two months in L.A. this summer. They are staying with my niece’s in-laws, who live about a half hour away; but her daughter says she wants to spend a couple of nights with us. She — in fact, the whole family — is totally welcome.

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